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For the New Sovereign World
Created in Love and brought here from

The Lotus Project is a Global project.

A transformational, flexible & evolving project for
the advancement of humanity

There are five phases to The Lotus Project. They will be introduced according to the needs and current state of humanity’s progression.

The initial blueprint will serve as a model for global services for the development of humanity as a sovereign integral.

Phase I

The Lotus Project recognizes, knows, and acknowledges that ALL begins with our children, and the well-being of the children is our priority. To provide an oasis to care, protect and heal our children is of the utmost importance. Our children are our future, which is a vital and true reality towards evolving, healing and advancing humanity in complete sovereignty.

Phase II

Allows the children to bring forth their innate abilities that are related to science, technology and engineering in complete protection.

From this space humanity will begin to recognize the importance and value of our children’s vital role in our future. The children are advanced beings and with full recognition have come to this world to share their knowledge with humanity.

Through advanced science, technology and elevated consciousness, humanity will live longer and healthier lives; their everyday life struggles will diminish, and complete sovereignty will flourish.

From this stage humanity will evolve to intergalactic communications and exchange.

Transitional Stage

The Lotus Project, Phase I and II, is the catalyst for Phase III. Phase II is the transitional process of acceptance and interaction to ignite a free and open connection to communicate with intergalactic civilizations for exchange and travel.

Phase III

Will be known as the “Living Library.” The Living Library is an open interactive source of information on technology, culture, science and much more: a library, data center, and exchange with intergalactic civilizations.

Upon reaching Phase III, there will be no need to continue with Phase I. This will be due to man’s rise in consciousness and established communication and travel with intergalactic civilizations. During this process Phase IV will be introduced.

We welcome everyone to join and participate with The Lotus Project!

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